08/14/2012 7:51pm

This is a very safe and fun place to send you pooch! Not only will your dog get an extrordinary amount of exsersize but a new love for living the "dog-life"! With such a great owner, Erin Hanley, it's hard to send your pup any place else! (:

10/26/2012 9:10am

i had my dog banjo stay at tuckers doghouse a couple of times. i do have to say that it was a great time for all.Erin Hanley (owner) is one of the best people i've ever met. tuckers doghouse was a very friendly place and all the dogs seamed to be very happy.i would recommend tuckers to anyone visiting the bethel area .i hope our dogs have the chance to play with each other at tuckers.

11/26/2012 3:16pm

A great place to leave your dog for a day and also overnight (I've done both). Our dog, Fred, had the freedom in the indoor play area and the outside pen. Erin also made sure that Fred was given his needed exercise when walked on the wooded trails on the property. Fred will be a regular this winter while we are skiing!

01/01/2013 2:36pm

Our dog, Zeek, has stayed at Tucker's Doghouse for the last two years during our vacation to Bethel. He always seems so HAPPY here. He gets plenty of exercise and has a chance to socialize with other dogs. We are confident in Erin's care of our pooch and very glad that she provides this service for us!

07/22/2013 7:46pm

Ella went to Tucker's Doghouse for the first time today. I was exceptionally pleased with our experience. I love the structure and care the dogs receive. It is also nice that Ella came home tired from her exciting day. She was much calmer! We will be bring Ella back often when we are in town! Thanks!!!


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